6 Goals to Achieve in 2022 — Unsolicited Idea

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It’s the 15th day of the new year and I get this odd feeling that the best is yet to come. I’m just being optimistic. My not-so-sad story begins on the third paragraph of this article. Jump to the next headline for a new year resolution, incase you haven’t made yours.

Nobody asked most of us how we celebrated Christmas and the New Year. If you’re caught in that web, gather here, take a moment and be honest about this question; “How did you spend the holidays?” I’ll go first.

After I resigned from my previous place of work in the earliest days of November 2021, I thought; Just in time. I could start living the life I dreamed of. But life had other plans for me. The opposite-of-best days in 2021 happened from the very first day I revisited oblivion.

I was done with relationships, people taking silly advantages of me and certainly done with the one stranger who called me out on social media for defrauding her (it was just a simple misunderstanding for Godsake). I was also done with some outstanding debts, just so I could run into another. Now, I cannot say for sure if they were good debts, but they had to be made. I think majorly, 2021 was a good teaching year alright.

I learnt how to smile often, workout regularly, do less with excuses, take responsibility for my actions, accept the blames just to make peace, and played the underdog so I could get a sure-bet at this frigging new year.

So how did I spend the holidays?

At home. Resting. Developed new symptoms to a medium-level of anxiety. Read more about PTSD (because, pfft). Got kicked out of my friend’s apartment. Started this year troubled and homeless. Still homeless. But the holiday was fantastic! Your turn.

Now, for the New Year resolution

Here’s my idea for a checklist of 6 goals to achieve in 2022.

  1. Smile. At all times. If you need to curse at life, complain, or cry, do it in private and not in front of anyone.
  2. Read power books. Start with The Purpose Driven Life (struggled to accept the author’s words, but I found a way to make sense out of it), then move on to 48 Laws of Power (dare to be exceptional) and then unto Mastery by Robert Greene.
  3. Exercise. Not just your body, but your mind. Learn to walk or run every morning for one hour at least three times every week. Learn to think clearly, before you act. Exercise the muscles of your mind every single day. (Taking my own advice duh).
  4. Relocate. If you get the chance to. Don’t hesistate. Just maybe you need to be somewhere else to kickstart that grand idea you’ve already thought about for this year. Maybe not. One way to find out is to give it a shot!
  5. Treat yourself to something nice. Anything that comes to mind, trust me, you can afford. You deserve it. Life’s too short to be counting losses… right?
  6. Breathe. And know that everything will be fine.

The rest of this article sounds way better in my head so…



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